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Reinventing Retail

Over 70 % of the trading volume in the US equity markets accounted for is algorithmic trading. More than 50 percent of hedge funds are now employing algorithms to trade the majority of their total value traded. At Passive Trading, our mission is to bridge the gap between big money managers and every day retail traders.


Our Vision

Time for a change

Trading can be extremely emotional. The computer, on the other hand, executes the deal following the instructions supplied to it. As a result, Algo trading is extremely accurate, well-executed, well-timed, and free of most human mistakes. With the help of our dedicated coding team we bring your trading algorithm visions into reality, turning your trading strategy into a self executing machine.

How it Works



We believe there is no one shoe fits all strategy to trading, most profitable traders have their own unique indicators that help them achieve extraordinary results. Before starting, create a list of what indicators your custom passive trading algorithm will include.


Customizing Your 


You will book a meeting with a Coding Team Representative, where you will be guided through the rest of your algorithm trading journey. Please have your list of indicators on deck as this is where you will be telling us what you are looking for! During this meeting you will be given a quote for how much your custom algorithm costs.



I have been trading for over a decade now and I have gotten good at spotting trends and patterns, however execution speed had always been my problem. My trading bot bridged the gap between my technical analysis knowledge and my execution speed. I recommend. 

Brendon Sutton

Great communication and customer support, I purchased 3 different strategies and I will be returning for more.

Kevin Azmi

My biggest issue had always been my emotional control, being impulsive led me down a steep losing streak. With the help of this amazing group I now trade while sleeping as my trading bot does all my order executions and profit taking for me! 

Jamila Souri